Open Call For Applications: Youth Anti-FGM Network REIGNITE Project Mini Grant Programme

Open Call For Applications: Youth Anti-FGM Network REIGNITE Project Mini Grant Programme

The Youth Anti-FGM Network Nigeria is making an open call for applications for the REIGNITE Project Mini Grant Programme.

About the Network

The Youth Anti-FGM Network Nigeria was set up in Abuja in November 2015, launched in 2016, and now has over 200 members spread across the country. As youth activists, we are driven by the vision to change the narrative on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) through social communications, promotion of our youth offline and social media activities. We are led by the vision to be the leading end FGM youth network in Nigeria, using diversified and inclusive approaches and working towards the total health and sexual rights of women and girls through advocacy, interventions and strategic partnerships. We provide identity and a common vision to unite young people as well as provide safe spaces for young people to speak about issues that concern SRHR in Nigeria.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) remains widespread in Nigeria. With an estimated 19.9 million survivors, Nigeria accounts for the third highest number of women and girls who have undergone FGM worldwide. While the national prevalence of FGM among women in Nigeria aged 15-49 dropped from 25 per cent in 2013 to 20 per cent in 2018, prevalence among girls aged 0-14 increased from 16.9 per cent to 19.2 per cent in the same period, according to NDHS figures.

About the Mini Grant

The Youth Anti FGM Network Reignite Project Mini Grant is targeted at supporting young people and CSO networks who are members of the Youth Anti FGM Network to collaboratively work on effective approaches and solutions towards Gender Based Violence (GBV) particularly Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting at the grassroots level. One of the objectives of this grant is to support direct implementation of activities that are realistic and achievable within the approved timeline, August 2022 – December 2022.

Through this grant, we are hoping to support the incredible work done by young people to end all forms of Sexual and Gender and Gender Based Violence.

Grant Size

This funding cycle is in two categories;

  1. Individual Grant
  2. Collaborative Grant

The budget for this mini grant is within $500 – $1000.  $500 dollars for individual implementation and $1000 for collaborative implementation by at least 2-3 organisations within the same geographical location. Applicants are advised to plan activities within this budget for either of the options you are applying for. It is encouraged that applicants state the grant type they are applying for.

REIGNITE Mini Grant Eligibility Criteria

  • Interested individuals must be members of the Nigeria Youth anti FGM Network (To sign-up to be a member, click here:
  • Demonstrable record of work on ending FGM/C or a related area (e.g. women’s rights or GBV, youth activism or communication) in Nigeria.
  • Must be based in Nigeria, preferably in a state with high prevalence of FGM and GBV (Ebonyi, Osun, Oyo, Imo, Ekiti)
  • Must agree with the core values and principles of the Youth Anti FGM Network in Nigeria.
  • Provide justification for how winning this grant and planned activities will support the ongoing efforts to end SGBV in their community/state.
  • Applicants can be legally registered as an NGO (CAC document to be submitted prior the award of grant).
  • Individuals can be linked to or have collaborations with other grassroots organisations or networks that can host them or receive funds on their behalf. (Evidence of this must be provided before the award of the grant)
  • Individuals who do not have organisations they can collaborate with can still apply as applications would be treated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Planned activities are SMART.

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Overview of Project ACHIEVE Mini Grant Process

Pre-Award – (3rd July – 24th July 2022)

  • Advertising
    • Open call application for funding (through YNCSD website, and all social media platforms)
  • Receive and Review Applications
    • Stage one – Eligibility checks
    • Stage two – Internal review team to rate the applications and select 6 organisations
  • Due Diligence
    • Due diligence questionnaire
    • Security checks
    • Referee checks
    • Local peer validation checks
  • Funding Recommendation / Endorsement stage
    • YNCSD Board of Trustees

Award (1st August – 14th August 2022)

  • One-on-one meeting between Grantees and Internal Review Team
  • Preparation and signing of grant agreements
    • Signing of mini grant agreement
  • Payment Schedule
    • 80% on signing of the grant agreement and 20% upon submission of the final report.
  • Funds transfer
    • Bank transfer (naira equivalent)

Post-Award (21st August – 3rd December 2022)

  • Grant Implementation – Activities conducted (example of activities – organizing advocacy visits to stakeholders, creating short videos on FGM/C, intergenerational dialogues, community dialogues, Youth Anti FGM/C Network events at the community level).
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Grants team will conduct site visits to review financial and programmatic records and observe operations
    • Maintaining regular contact with the grantee and making appropriate inquiries concerning program activities
  • Capacity Building
  • Monthly check-in capacity building call with grantees and signposting grantees with other linking and learning opportunities

 Close-Out (4th Dec – 31th Dec 2022)

  • Close out actions
    • Submission and review of narrative and financial reports
    • Programmatic close out – Final program reports
    • Administrative close out – Completeness of grant documentation (softcopy and hardcopy).
    • Financial close out – Final financial reports and refund of unspent funds

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