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You can support the work of the Youth Network For Community And Sustainable Development




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As the leading advocacy group of all youth bodies working to end all forms of harmful traditional practices in Nigeria, the Youth Network for Community and Sustainable Development is a movement catalyzing social change by engaging young people and amplifying their voices to speak for Human Rights, through targeted advocacy to key players, capacity building and development, communications and media engagements, partnerships and program implementation. We also work on other sexual and reproductive health and rights issues, Governance and Environment.

Over the Years we have been catalyzing and galvanizing efforts of young people ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), through effective programming that transforms Social Norms that underpin FGM and reproductive health and Rights.

Kindly support our advocacy work and help us do more and better by filling the form above with your donation.  

For more information, please email us at donation@yncsd.org

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