INDIGO - Enhancing Indicators for Improving Policies and Evidence Gathering Supporting Young People’s Access to Abortion


Project INDIGO is aimed at expanding the cadre of abortion service providers and producing evidence on the consequences of unsafe abortion. The project also seeks to support state governments with developing or improving guideline documents on quality of care for abortion service provision, via the states’ Ministries of Health. The project will also aim to highlight and correct reasons behind refusal of care by healthcare professionals and also establish referral systems for those seeking abortion services.

Project Deliverables

  • Advocacy to expand the existing cadre of abortion service providers in Nigeria
  • Values Clarification for Attitude Transformation training for policy makers
  • Targeted advocacy to state governments and provision of support towards development and/or implementation of evidence-based standards and guidelines on abortion care and services
  • Advocacy to States’ Ministry of Health and National Medical Association on regulating conscientious refusal of care

Project Status



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