Integrating Sexual and Reproductive Information and Resources for Sustained Efforts to Empower Nigerian Girls


The project is designed as a scale up of a Phase 1 intervention titled: “Breaking Barriers to Safe Access to Abortion”. For this phase, the project seeks to generate new evidence regarding the consequences of unsafe abortion in Lagos, Edo and Delta States. The evidence to be generated will be derived from case studies, in depth interviews and stories from affected population. This evidence will be converted into advocacy materials that will be used to lobby the state governments to review existing restrictive laws on access and delivery of abortion services.


  • Capacity building component for formal service providers and non-formal service providers on quality of care and managing post abortion complications.

  • The engagement of celebrity champions who will use their platform and public status to inspire conversations and public discussions around abortion and SRHR more broadly.

  • Generation of new evidence on SRHR, or existing evidence synthesized, or major gaps in SRHR knowledge/ attitudes/ behaviour synthesized, which is used for evidence-based advocacy and policy engagement.

  • Explore a new approach on having a Media Fellowship involving a series of trainings for top line journalists on changing the narrative on for SRHR reportage and specifically abortion-related matters.

  • Changing attitudes, norms and laws through a series of workshops on Values Clarification and Attitude Transformation (VCAT) trainings.




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