Olachi Peace Ojimadu

Olachi Peace Ojimadu is a vocal youth activist and entrepreneur from Nigeria, who has greatly impacted her rural community and improved the health and well-being of women and girls through advocacy and program intervention with support from the government and international non-governmental organizations.

With over five years of working experience, Ola’s interests span across Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Female Genital Mutilation, Gender-based Violence, Child Protection, and Economic Empowerment. 

She is currently the Operations Lead for the Youth Network for Community and Sustainable Development (YNCSD) where she helps to coordinate programs defending the rights of women and young people.

With a daring attitude and excellent public speaking skills, she uses local and international platforms to challenge communities to seek policy change, growth, and the will for an all-around improvement. 

Ola continues to support women’s empowerment in all fields and uses her voice to speak for this.