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“I Faced Criticism for Speaking against Female Genital Mutilation” – Pastor Frank Nwachukwu

Motion picture: Frank Akuma

‘People criticised me for being involved in the movement to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). They claimed I was involving myself with issues that were not “divine”. But what else has God placed us here for if not to ensure that people are aware and that they do the right things?’ Pastor Frank Nwachukwu Akuma […]

Breaking Barriers to Safe Access to Abortion in Nigeria – an interview with a member of YNAFGM

Promoting adolescent access to essential health services – an interview with Olachi Peace, a member of YNAFGM The BB-SATA Project is funded by AmplifyChange aimed at breaking all forms of barriers limiting adolescent girls from information and services related to their sexual and reproductive health and rights. It is active in Edo and Delta states. […]