Youth Voices in Advocacy and Governance: Towards a Sustainable World – National Youth Convening 2023

Youth Voices in Advocacy and Governance: Towards a Sustainable World – National Youth Convening 2023


The National Youth Convening held on Saturday the 19th of August 2023 in commemoration of International Youth Day focused on exploring the evolving landscape of advocacy and governance towards a sustainable world.

The event brought together young activists, advocates, and change-makers from diverse backgrounds to discuss strategies and approaches that drive positive impact in today’s dynamic environment and the elimination of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and other harmful cultural practices and to mark the closing ceremony of the Youth Governance Accountability Track (YGAT) Program

Deputy Head of Mission/Charges d’Affairs, Embassy of Ireland, Nigeria – H.E. Shane Rice

The event began with an inspiring keynote address by the Deputy Head of Mission/Chargé d’Affaires (Embassy of Ireland, Nigeria) – H.E. Shane Rice who emphasized the role of youth in shaping policy and governance. He also highlighted the importance of innovative approaches to advocacy to address the evolving needs of society.



One of the key highlights of the event was the Youth Panel Session where the youth advocates shared insights on how advocacy strategies adapt to new challenges and opportunities in the modern world. Discussions revolved around leveraging technology, social media, and collaboration for effective advocacy.



Upon successful completion of the Youth Governance and Accountability Track (YGAT) four-week program, participants were awarded certificates that acknowledge their commitment to enhancing their knowledge in this critical area. The certificates granted to the YGAT Fellows typically highlight the organization’s recognition of the fellows achievement during the course of the program where. These certificates not only serve as a testament to the participants’ dedication to improving their skills and expertise but also act as valuable credentials that can be added to their professional portfolios.

The event concluded with closing remarks underscoring the significance of continued collaboration and youth-led efforts in advocacy and governance. Attendees were encouraged to apply the insights gained to their own advocacy initiatives and to take advantage of the Reignite Mini-Grant Program that is aimed at supporting and amplifying the work of young people, especially network members in escalating the abandonment of FGM/C in Nigeria. 

Overall, the National Youth Convening provided a platform for young advocates to discuss, learn, and exchange ideas on how advocacy and governance can create positive change in a rapidly changing world.

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