YNCSD Whistle Blowing Policy 

YNCSD Whistle Blowing Policy 

YNCSD is committed to operating in furtherance of its tax-exempt purposes and in  compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including those concerning  accounting and auditing, and prohibits fraudulent practices by any of its board  members, officers, employees, or volunteers.  

This policy outlines a procedure for employees to report actions that an employee  reasonably believes violates a law, or regulation or that constitutes fraudulent  accounting or other practices. This policy applies to any matter which is related to 

YNCSD’s business and does not relate to private acts of an individual not connected  to the business of YNCSD. Now is the time for all good. 

Reporting Responsibility 

If an employee has a reasonable belief that an employee or YNCSD has engaged in any  action that violates any applicable law, or regulation, including those concerning  accounting and auditing, or constitutes a fraudulent practice, the employee is expected  to immediately report such information to the Programme Manager. If the employee  does not feel comfortable reporting the information to the Programme Manager, he or  she is expected to report the information to the Program Associate. 

All reports will be followed up promptly, and an investigation conducted. In conducting its  investigations, YNCSD will strive to keep the identity of the complaining individual as  confidential as possible, while conducting an adequate review and investigation. 

Reporting Procedure 

YNCSD will not retaliate against an employee in the terms and conditions of  employment because that employee: 

(a) reports to a line manager, to the Programme Manager, the Board of Directors, the  employee believes in good faith to be a violation of the law. 

(b) participates in good faith in any resulting investigation or proceeding.

(c) exercises his or her rights under any state or federal law(s) or regulation(s) to pursue a  claim or take legal action to protect the employee’s rights. 

YNCSD may take disciplinary action (up to and including termination) against an  employee who in management’s assessment has engaged in retaliatory conduct in  violation of this policy. 

In addition, YNCSD will not, with the intent to retaliate, take any action harmful to any  employee who has provided to law enforcement personnel or a court truthful  information relating to the commission or possible commission by YNCSD or any of its  employees of a violation of any applicable law or regulation.  

Train Managers and Supervisors 

Merely adopting a policy is not enough to prevent retaliation against whistleblowers.  Instead, managers and supervisors should be educated about whistleblower protections  and provided with the tools to address employee concerns. To be effective in sensitizing  managers and supervisors to the rights and responsibilities of employees to raise concerns,  training should be practical and interactive.  

Moreover, training should address what makes it a criminal offense to “knowingly”  retaliate against a whistleblower who has provided to a law enforcement officer any  truthful information relating to the commission or possible commission of any federal  offense. 

Supervisors will be trained on this policy and YNCSD’s prohibition against retaliation in  accordance with this policy. 

The Compliance/Designated Officer

The Officer who is the Head of Programme and Operations is designated by the organization
to receive, investigate and respond to complaints. She shall be a point of contact for concerns
raised under the organization’s Whistle Blowing Policy. The Designated Officer is expected to,
at all times, be impartial and capable of taking an independent view on the concern raised.
The Designated Officer shall, manage all reports as well as the internet portal, for anonymous
whistle-blowing. These information and portal shall be available on the YNCSD website via
www. yncsd.org

The details of the designated officer is below:
Name: Olachi Ojimadu
Title/Organization: Head of Programme and Operations-YNCSD
Email: O.ojimadu@yncsd.org
Phone no:+234 (0)8050336835

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